Truck Washing in Decatur, AL

From road debris to leftovers from whatever you’ve been hauling around, a full truck wash and trailer sanitization is just what you need before you roll up to your next job. Direct Inc. has experience with truck washing and trailer sanitizing across a wide variety of haulage vehicles and will leave your equipment clean and safe, ready for the next job.

We have unique experience working with all types of trucking operations that require sanitization between jobs. Whether you’re hauling dairy products or concrete aggregate, clean equipment is the key to safety. Make us your one-stop shop for trailer sanitizing in Decatur, AL.

Truck Washing

Cleaning all Trailer Types

Trailer sanitizing is an important part of hauling standards in many industries, including food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, construction and many others. If you need your trailer needs to be cleaned, sanitized and sterilized before it can go back into service, schedule an appointment with us. We use superior disinfection products and adhere to high cleaning standards, to send you back out to your next pickup with a trailer that meets standards for cleanliness and sanitation.

  • Trailer washouts
  • Pneumatic washouts
  • Conversion washouts
  • Hopper washouts

Trailer Sanitizing

Truck Washing Services

After thousands of miles on the road, your truck is going to pick up all kinds of debris. Bring it in for truck washing and we’ll strip away all the dirt, dust, bugs and other road debris that’s marring it. Not only does this leave your truck sparklingly clean, it’s also a great way to preserve the façade of your investment. No matter what the roads here in Decatur, Priceville, Austinville, or Trinity, AL throw at your truck, we’re ready to wash it away.

Schedule Sterilization and Cleaning

Direct Inc. welcomes appointments for trailer sterilization and truck washing. We also offer these services during routine maintenance or trailer repair and state maintenance checks, as part of a restorative touch to your vehicle. Reach us today at 256-355-1531 for more information about our process or the types of trailers we wash and sterilize.

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